"I never thought I would be a real runner. Nike+ SportWatch GPS made me one. I track my runs, connect with others, it's really motivating."
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Washingtonjacq (United Kingdom)

"This purchase was specific to help me train for the Great North run. It has been a great help, showing my improvements, helping to identify the areas of difficulty and putting it all in easy to understand format. A real running buddy"

FOXMOND (United Kingdom)

"Great watch, helped me with my training. Wanted to take my runs to the next level and this watch has helped me achive this."

Goggo (Norway)

"Very good value. It doesn't offer many features, but the accuracy, the look and the ease to use compensate very well. I would suggest it to every runner!"

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"This easy-to-use GPS SportWatch is a big step forward. Using TomTom technology, it logs your every movement (distance, speed, location and calories burned) - even sending you motivational messages when you start to flag."

"Hidden beneath the SportWatch's minimalist exterior is a highly accurate GPS sensor for tracking your location and speed. But the watch's real genius lies in its simplicity: a tap of the screen ignites the backlight or tells it you've done a lap, and three buttons control everything."